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Happy Birthday box | 7 Eternal Roses


A custom drawing by MFLEURS. All things Birthday. Exclusive full printed design with gold hotstamping by MFLEURS. Your choice of rose colors.

Contains 7 roses

Box dimensions: 5x5in

Photo reference color: Hot Pink
Photo reference color: Apple Green
Photo reference color: Candy Pink
Photo reference color: Orange


PARTY-FOR-ONE Birthday Package | Mignon


Are you or someone you know celebrating a quarantined birthday? No worries we got you ! Introducing our PARTY-FOR-ONE Package !
Package includes :
1x “Personalized” Le Mignon box of 4 #MyEternalRose( your choice of rose colour )
1x Chocolate YUMCAKIE by @yum.creations
1x HBD balloon topper
1x Birthday candle