A real rose that has been picked at the moment it is most beautiful.

This product is preserved to last for years under the correct conditions and with little care.


Keep Them in The Original Display Box

It is recommended to not remove flowers from the box.

Avoid touching petals with fingers as this may modify the oils in the petals
used to preserve it causing transparencies and or even tearing.


Avoid harsh light

Direct sunlight will cause the color of your preserved rose to fade.

UV-light may cause color bleaching.

Do not place them where they are exposed to harsh artificial lighting indoors.


Keep Roses Indoors

Keep roses indoor they are not meant to be used to decorate outdoors in either hot nor colder weather.

It is recommended to place roses in rooms with less excess humidity or heat.


Cleaning Roses

It is recommended to not to touch your roses however with time they may gather some dust.

You may use soft brush, feather brush or a specially made flower duster to clean them.

Or use a blow dryer on cool setting on low. But do not use it with hot air. It will inevitably destroy the roses.

Do not spray roses with water, chemical solutions or perfume as it will damage roses.


Product Information

100% Natural product

Hypoallergenic (safe for children’s rooms and nurseries)